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is a magazine and a platform boosting collaborative cross-disciplinary creations. We match sensitive and sensible artists, designers, writers, dancers, photographers, musicians, performers, ... to encourage each other and united, take a prominent place in society. KONTs heart lies in Eindhoven.

KONT hosts informal gatherings for makers, curators and anyone interested in meeting and working with them, so called Slow Portfolio Dates. Subscribe to our newsletter (scroll down) if you would like to participate.

Upcoming Events

Launch KONT03 magazine Antwerp

September 20 2019 (free entrance)

Sint-Lucas, Antwerp

Welcome to the launch of KONT03 magazine in the new building of Sint-Lucas academy Antwerp. In the presence of the teams who created new work for the magazine and curators Bart Van Dijck and Griet Menschaert. KONT03 is A MANUAL FOR CELEBRATING THE YEAR/NIEUWE RITUELEN. It presents new rituals created by cross city teams from Eindhoven (NL) and Antwerp (BE). The curators will give a festive explanation on the process and there are food and drinks, and music!

If you preorder KONT03 magazine in our webshop, you can pick up your copy at the launch and save shipping costs.

‘Negrociations’ (theatre/music)

October 10 2019 , 19:30 (15 euro)

Pand P (programmed by KONT+Parktheater), Eindhoven

KONT and Pand P invite you to this robust social commentary disseminated by monologues and dialogues, movements and panoramic live music, an energetic performance with dance, theatre and music by three artists. Negrociations moves freely through time; sometimes very actual and other times it ramages through the past - confronting human rights, human relations, inter-generational conflicts, inequality and injustice. With humour-sometimes light, sometimes very dark, the general form deeply explores the content. Our Chief Griet Menschaert will explain how she met director Bodé Owa in Antwerp and why she convinced the Parktheater to bring this piece to Eindhoven. There will be time to informally discuss the content with Owa after the performance. English spoken.

Order your ticket through this link www.parktheater.nl/negrociations


15 euro



(see news above)

Curated by Bart Van Dijck (Antwerp) and Griet Menschaert (Eindhoven)
Graphic Design by Casper Fitzhue
Photo portraits of teams by Casper Fitzhue


21 September

A ritual for 21 September, by artist Marie Lexmond (Eindhoven) and artist Ignace Cami (Antwerp)

31 October

A ritual for 31 October by science fiction writer Michel Decré (Eindhoven) and artist Oscar Hugal (Antwerp)

21 December

A ritual for 21 December by storywriter Mostafa Benkerroum (Antwerp) and illustrator Pascale Theron (Eindhoven)

1 February

A ritual for 1 February by sculptor Athar Jaber (Antwerp) and researcher at the Council for Child Protection Muriel Fraenk (Eindhoven)

21 March

A ritual for 21 March by artist John Rausenberger (Antwerp), mc/writer Terence Machete van Lange (Eindhoven) and writer Griet Menschaert (Eindhoven)

1 May

A ritual for 1 May by writer Chloé Dyckmans (Antwerp) and artist Remko Leeuw (Eindhoven)

21 June

A ritual for 21 June by story teller Sigrid Exelmans (Antwerp) and poet Arnoud Richter (Eindhoven)

1 August

A ritual for 1 August by artist Maika Garnica (Antwerp), shiatsu therapist Lotje Linsen (Eindhoven) and photographer Manon Vosters (Eindhoven)


Issue 02  / € 15,00



Curated by Griet Menschaert (chief), Annegret Bönemann and Wessel Verrijt, graphic design by Nearest Neighbour


Photos of KONT02 makers by Donghwan Kam

The Actual Image is Travelling

By artist Nanne op ’t Ende (1970, NL) and fine art student Mara Varelaki (1994, GR)

Final Letters

By writers Chris Hables Gray (1953 CA), Griet Menschaert (1977, BE) and Nazila Ahmadie (1992, AF)

HOW TO - Political Speech

By Design Academy students Kodai Shimizu (1990, JP), Morane Grazzini (1997, FR), Eva Jack (1995, UK) and Lukas Adrian Jurk (1992, DE)

Read The Beat

By designer Annegret Bönemann (1990, DE) and solo percussionist Dominique Vleeshouwers (1992, NL)

2 Captains and WD40

By art student Wessel Verrijt (1992, NL), Bboy Ranil van Peperstraten (1990, LK) and photographer Tommy Köhlbrugge (1983, NL)

Butterflies to The Dead

By mayan spiritual supporter and artist Branly López (1975, GT)

Différens Wallpapers

By pattern designer Erna van den Broek (1972, NL) and catchpennyprints of Museum ’t Oude Slot

Shine. Be Yourself. Respect.

By fashion artist and mother Jess Oberlin (1985, CA)

Orphan Art

By photographer Michel van Weegberg (1970, NL) and orphan objects from non-profit foundation Onterfd Goed

A Special Location

By artists Lilia Scheerder (1986, NL) and Laiyan Cheng (1994, NL)


By photographer Carla Vermeltfoort (1960, NL) and philosopher Ties van de Werff (1981, NL)

The Many Moustaches of Enzo Diga

By writer Luckie Delacroix (1981, NL) and artist Vincent Dams (1983, NL)


Issue 01 / € 17,50



Curated by Griet Menschaert (chief), Sas Schilten and Lars Leeuw, Graphic design by Edhv


Photos of KONT01 makers by Sas Schilten.


By philosopher Ivana Ivkovic (1974, YU) and Griet Menschaert (1977, BE)


By photographer Sas Schilten (1969, NL)


By social designer Annegret Bönemann (1990, DE)


By cinematographer Jérôme Siegelaer (1970, NL), artist-poet Jolanda Kooijmans (1965, NL) and architect Paul Bouw (1978, NL)

Fine Things Should Remain Small

By artists Rob Looman (1974, NL), Rachida Post (1974, NL) and photographer Fieke van Berkom (1982, NL)

Drawings by a Princess

By student Zaina Kassem (1998, SY)

My Concerts 2016/2017

By music lover Theo Miggelbrink (1971, NL)


By photographer Nenah Gorissen (1991, NL) and dancer-choreographer Sarah Bostoen (1985, BE)

The KONT Audioguide

By gamification expert Niels van Maaren (1963, NL), visually impaired poet Joke Clazing (1952, NL) and artist Lars Leeuw (1982, NL)

The Colour of Our Background

By Fine Arts students Lotte van der Pasch (1994, NL), Nina Kersaan (1995, NL) and cameras from The Vintage Photo.


By writer Juliet Gagnon (1975, US/NL) and artist Inge Jansen (1985, NL)

How Material Moves Us

By designer Dasha Tsapenko (1992, UA) and architect Floor Frings (1985, FR)

Als ik alleen ben

By photographer Bas Wilders (1959, NL)

Short Attention Span Monuments

By artist Toni van Tiel (1979, NL)

De gift

By lace maker Olga Ieromina (1981, UA), author Koosje Hamerslag (pseud., 1967, NL) and photographer Neel van Eupen (1958, NL)

Suitable Now

By designers Floriane Misslin (1992, FR) and Olle Lundin (1988, SE)

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