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We are looking for participants! Are you a non-artist and do you want to engage in several individual conversations with an artist that we team you up with, and develop a project with this artist, challenge your skills/experiences/resources? • age does not matter • you live in or around Eindhoven • you are willing to meet an artist (painter, designer, writer, performer…) • you are adventurous • you are curious to find out what drives an artist to express oneself, and what is needed for the expression to flourish. • you’re not in it for the money – just like the artists WANT TO APPLY? Send us a short motivation with 1. your name, age, how long you have been living in the Eindhoven region and why you want to participate 2. Are there knowledge/things/services/spaces you can contribute for a collaboration with an artist? 3. Name 5 objects that characterize you and briefly explain why. * Please email this to before 20th August 2020.
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